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have had them cosplay together, She has made him lovestruck, they have had sexual experiences together ( In my videos ) They have made Danny and Sandy from greece becuase they wanted each other and now she's shot him in the heart ?

haha Enjoy story on this i was on youtube listinig to my favourites and this song came on . The beginning of this video came into my head and i just had to make it THERE AND THEN

i crack myself up when it comes to my humour with these two enjoy please comment if you liked i love comments thank you one of my favourite Bon Jovi songs

CHEERED MYSELF UP MAKING THIS ! ( today i woke up and all my face with serve ache came up and cause i had wet hair Nan was like OMG Your FACE ! .... yeah am hibanating ... not contact with anyone... my skin was perfect in liverpool ... its not fair

i been in a Takeru x Mako mood today been making moments of them being mum and dad on tummblr :D

follow ME ON TUMBLR ! HEHE http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/fireandheavenproductions27
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15 May 2011 @ 05:05 pm
Hope you like am quite proud soo glad we didnt have to use effects or i probaly wouldnt have been able to make it, but yeah :D short and simple.. even though my weakness with these Two is i love to use alot of clips ... haha

Comment and Rate Thank You and please check out the full collab because the parts finished are amazing!

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09 May 2011 @ 12:15 am

I don;t just ship them because of the sake of it,... i never even heard of ship when i liked these two, they should be Official becuase they are the Mom and Dad of the Shinkenger group . In Episode 16 they even said a line when the others went off to play, You ok with this ? As long as their not getting into mischief it should be alright ? haha soo MUM AND DAD LOVE THEM :D !! an am never gonna stop

Please comment :D hehe
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I hope you like, i kinda of wanted to do it like My Before the Dawn Video but then came up with an idea while rewatcing it hehe .
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My Favourite bit, i lirutally made a werd squeal when i first saw this haha Nan was looking at me and i burs out laughing

Next we all know Mako knows Takeru haha , and dosnt hesitate to Insult , but when she quotes about it on the last episode She gets a Smile from him and a Goodbye Response

Episode 49

YEAHHHHHH HE SAID GOODBYE !ONLY RESPONSE HEHE, I have soo many screenshots , hints , haha like 100's seriously they belong together, please Toei make this Sentai romance Happen
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Hi everyone welcome to a fansite Dedicated to TakeruxMako :)! i bealive they belong together. They look great together and they are the Mum and Dad in the japanese show Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

I will be Posting everything related to TakeruxMako ( Should of started this fansite ages ago even though their is on on facebook, If you want Photos or videos Request :)!! I am CrystalProductions27 from youtube got suspended so i am now Fire&HeavenProductions27 as My First Video i made last year was TakeruxMako, i decided after i made my account to remake it enjoy :)!!

Please don;t be afraid to join just want you to have fun get to know more fans :)!! and you can post everything related to Takeru , make icons ?? anything let's have fun :)!!

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